Expecting The Best

Baby Ready began out of a need to find unbiased modern advice on getting ready for a baby while working. Outside of strollers, diapers and breast pumps, the answers we found are what this professional Baby Planning practice is formed from.

Why Get Baby Ready?

It's sometimes terrifying and lonely trying to determine where to start preparing your work and life for a baby. The saying it takes a village to raise a child goes double for the expecting professional with heavy job demands. When there's little time to research best practices and expertise for your new baby, it creates added anxiety and doubt that they will be able to manage it all.

Often times, expecting parent will make plans to quit if their employer isn’t showing promise of job security during pregnancy or after baby arrives. We exist to change that trend.

If employers want to keep their investments within their employees, they should be sure to help their employees get the right training for being a working parent. Being expected to parent well and be productive without the right skills to do so is setting them up for failure with their company or with their families.

Why A Movement?

Until employers are ready to be a part of the working parent support solution, our mission is to create the movement. Our Baby Ready Movement encourages working parent advocacy and awareness in the work place as well as home. It's our mission to be a part of each new parent’s village with quality coaching practices in prenatal, postpartum and early childhood education.

Why Now?

Over the past several years' fertility awareness, paid parental leave, early childhood development disease prevention and school readiness have been major concerns for this generation of growing families. Each of these national concerns affects our children's success and our parenting negatively when we aren't aware and prepared. Together, we are demanding more from ourselves, our employers and our policy makers so we can give our babies the best possible start in life no matter what. Our services and efforts to bridge the gap between work and parenthood is our first priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

While working with customers, we’re constantly learning about their needs and managing demands that arise. As a result, we’ve included a list of frequently asked questions along with answers in order to provide additional support. If your question isn’t addressed below, get in touch with us and we’ll provide the information you need.

Do I need coaching before I'm even pregnant?

Preconception care is equally important for men and women. It sets the stage for a happier womb, pregnancy and labor. It can also make one aware of the changes they can make to their lifestyle and emotional health history while they still have the chance to focus on themselves.

Do I need coaching if I've got relatives who've had a baby to help me?

It's important to get expert advice when preparing for a baby. To have a successful transition through the expecting parent stages while working, one must invest in their early parental education. Leaving it up chance often leads to regrets like one would have if they were to get married, buy a house or start a job without  investing time into being ready.

Will the experts I'd work with be  certified?

Yes. Our Baby Planning Practice only works with certified experienced professionals to bring our clients the best outcomes for parent and baby.