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Early-parenthood expert and coach, Coach B' is a certified early-childhood educator, perinatal mental health provider, baby gear expert, and car seat tech. For more than 17 years she’s been consulting hardworking couples as they navigate early parenthood. 


She holds a B.S. in elementary education,  was the creator and host of the Bump-to-Baby & Beyond Expo, was a highlight expert at the 2019 Metro Detroit Baby & Beyond Expo and is the founder of the Baby Ready Pro blog What's Good In Early Parenthood, where she writes articles about the new-baby experience, mental health and work-life balance. 


Coach B' designed a unique coaching program for goal hungry men and women to enjoy their early parenthood, thrive professionally and avoid the pitfalls often overlooked when having a new baby. She loves working with journalist, podcasters and hosts to share compelling unique stories and is available to comment on early parenthood topics such as.

  • prenatal anxiety

  • postpartum disorders

  •  mindful baby spaces

  • early childhood trends

  • preconception plans

  •  prenatal parenting

  •  building a village

  •  parental triggers

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What's In The Media: Baby Planners


When I get to work with couples starting a family I'm helping them plan for a major life event that is as big as a buying a home. While I'm making sure no detail is overlooked, they are able enjoy their early parenthood journey while on top of their important career and personal goals.


What's In The Media: Baby Gear Recalls

Tiny Feet

New baby means new things, and those things need space. As a baby gear expert, I get to geek out about the gear parents want for those baby spaces and how to use it. The hours of gear reviews, recall research and buyers remorse that I save them is just the icing on the cake.

What's In The Media: Proper Car Seat Use

toddler falling out of moving car

As a CPS technician, I do so much to help keep kids safe, from car seat fittings, to check ups, to helping parents and caregivers understand all they can do to prevent unintentional injuries in and around cars.

better MentalHealthFirstAid_Logo_.gif

What's In The Media: Mental Health Responders

pic for menatl health first aid video.PN


One in five people suffer from some form of mental illness in a given year, yet most don't seek help. As a mental health first aid responder, I'm able to recognize symptoms, say the right things and get them on a path towards the help they need in order to be the type of parents they want to be to each other and their growing family.