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When my journey into parenthood started, I assumed I had good odds for an active pregnancy and happy children. I was an educator in child development, had a large family to support me, I was in good physical health and had a clear investment plan. But my second pregnancy taught me something that they don’t tell you in parenting books. Regardless of your life status or credit score, a new baby means seasons of relationship changes with yourself, your family and your finances .

Weeks of unexpected sickness in my first and third trimester did not allow me to work as I had during my first pregnancy. That financial setback  stressed us and threatened our goals for building wealth. The bulk of it all hit me hard and before I knew it, I was making poor financial decisions and missing out on being mentally present for memories with my daughters.


I did what most people learn to do and pulled a fake it until you make it, but that only made matters worse. Turns out, I was unknowingly suffering from a very common perinatal mood and anxiety disorder. PMAD’s, for short, affect 1 in 7 mothers during pregnancy and sometimes up to two years after giving birth. 

Like so many, I assumed depression looked and sounded a certain way, therefore my mental health needlessly declined simply because I didn’t know the signs or how high my risk for anxiety and mood disorders was at that time.

None of the parenting classes I took prepared me for parent wellness, how to ask for what I needed or the expensive hurdles that come with not caring for your mental health. I decided to change that and create a platform  solution that would platform to help go-getter's create a blueprint to avoid pricey parenting pitfalls. Baby Ready Pro is that platform and  through it I get to help take charge of the trajectory of their family's generational wealth and wellness. 

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