MJ Moonwalk Like Katelyn Ohashi After Natural Birth Choice.

Watching Katelyn Ohashi in this viral video reminds of my first 12 hours post delivery. How is it that you can feel so much energy after giving birth without pain med's? I had such a huge adrenaline burst that I had a hard time wanting to stay in bed.

I was lucky to have very persistent nurses who convinced me to call for help if I needed anything. As my husband rested next to me and my brand new baby girl slept in her bassinet, my mind raced on non stop on every task I could be doing. I called everyone I could think of, who all called me crazy for not resting. Needless to say, my next 12 hours were a bit different as I began to find the difficulty walking to the restroom posed. But all in all, it was an awesome moon-walking surprise high.

How was your first 24 hours post delivery? Let us know by sharing your comments through your favorite social media below.

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