Why More and More Black Men Are Shaping The Parenthhod They Want

By: Coach B'

Early Parenthood Thought Leader

Childbirth instructors are seeing men participation and in particular, black men. Dad-to-Be's are enjoying building the baby registry alongside mom and having co-ed fun at the showers.

The social norms are changing as more men become caregivers in the home. However, it seems that this new norm has helped more black men feel comfortable speaking up about their early parenthood experiences. Being left out of the conversation isn't acceptable for many men these days when it comes to pregnancy, postpartum depression and childcare.

Mood & Anxiety In Fatherhood Is Underserved

It's reported that 1 in 10 men experience postpartum depression and have a higher risk of it if their partner is experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety as well. However male PPD is often not spoken about, leaving a gap in the level of parental care and preparations. Keeping in mind that the men in that ratio are those who'd been diagnosed, so that number doesn't include the men who never see a health professional about their mental health but suffer with symptoms and don't know it.

The good news:
  • More black men are engaging in mental health support for the trauma they are experiencing while living black in 2020. But, in that support, deep seated ideals around their adverse childhood effects are being revealed.

  • A rewiring of how involved these men want to be in every aspect of their young children's lives are creating some great dialogue that is healthy for the mom's mental and emotional preparedness.

  • Black fatherhood groups are forming all over the country to provide an outlet and education for the men that truly want to parent at their best.

  • Challenges like the #BlackDadChallenge in social media are being accepted by pictures and words declaring the importance of black dads by women and allies of the BLM supporters.

  • Support gear like the Black Fathers Exist apparel creates awareness and pride for black fathers to wear. https://blackfathersexist.com/

  • Parent preparation and skill classes are being offered beyond child birth to include other areas like play, feeding, baby wearing and work-home-baby routines.

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